Tanjung Puting National Park

Tanjung Puting National Park

Map TanjungIndonesia is the thirth most biologically diverse country in the world,after brazil and zaire. Borneo is a world megabiodiversity hotspot, coming second after amazone.Indonesia cover 1.3% of the the world land area but its first contain 10% of the world plants,12% of mammalia,17% of reptile and amphibian 17% of bird species.Tanjung Puting National Park is one of the richest park in indonesia,with may rare and endangered species.


“The romantic forest, the romantic river and the romantic atmosphere of the park are also offer different experiences especially for those who want to have an adventurous honeymoon”

The national park in Indonesia are managed into 3 zonation system, namely Nucleus Zone, Buffer or Supporting zone and the last one, is the Utilization zone.

Tanjung puting national park, tanjung puting orangutan tourThe most inner part of the Tanjung Puting National park, where the most animals are (usually) or the very inique and rare plants are availble, never allowed to be entered by the visitors, unless they gain special permit for research or alike. This zone also called as nucleus zone. The only people who allowed to enter the site will be the researchers, national park authorities, or alike. No other common peoples allowed to enter the site. The nucleus zone usually coveres the most inner part of the reserve.

You are captivated completely by the purity of the air, the openness of the night sky with the most remarkable view of the Milky Way, the magnificence and dignity of the gentle orangutans, the thundering downpours that instantly cool the air, and the clarity of the brilliant crimson sunsets. Tanjung Puting is the largest and most diverse protected example of extensive coastal tropical heath and peat swamp forest which used to cover much of southern Borneo. The area was originally declared as a game reserve in 1935 and a National Park in 1982. While the Park has a checkered history of weak protection, nonetheless, it remains substantially wild and natural.

tanjung-puting-map Tanjung Puting is covered by a complex mosaic of diverse lowland habitats. It contains 3,040 km2 (or 1,174 square miles) of low lying swampy terrain punctuated by blackwater rivers which flow into the Java Sea. At the mouth of these rivers and along the sea coast are found nipa/mangrove swamps. Mangroves teem with animal life. Tanjung Puting also includes tall dry ground tropical rain forest, primarily tropical heath forest, with a canopy of 30 meters (approximately 100 feet) with “emergents” exceeding 50 meters (approximately 165 ft) in height, seasonally inundated peat swamp forest with peat in layers two or more meters (approximately 7 feet) deep, open depression lakes formed by fire, and open areas of abandoned dry rice fields now covered with elephant grass and ferns. The tropical heath forest which is called “kerangas” in parts of Borneo, is only found on very poor, typically white-sandy soils and is characterized by medium-sized trees.

Secondly is the BUFFER ZONE. It is separating the nucleus zone from the other untilization zone. This place also called as the “shock” absorber between the utilization zone and the nucelus zone. Here we can make some visit through the available path only, with an obligation to be accompanied by the national park ranger. Certain and strick regulation for visitors to walk or trekking is applied. The buffer zone usually encircle the nucleus zone.

Tanjung puting national park is located in central kalimantan indonesia. It is one of conservation area in indonesia and the first orangutan rehabilitation site in Kalimantan.Where you can see the orangutan;one of the species of the great apes in the world and it has more than 600 type of tree,200 varities of orchid,almost 230 species of bird 28 species of mammal,9 species of primate and still many other life forms share and living together in their natural habitat. With an area 415.040 hectare Tanjung puting national park has some small river systems and has several ecosystem types ,namely lowland tropical forest,dry land forest,freshwater swamp forest,peat swamp forest,mangroves forest,coastal forests and secondary forests.these appear to have been important in determining the distribution of some fish and other species by acting as natural barries to their spread.And tanjung puting national park has been designated as a nature as well as flora and fauna conservation center,especially for bornean orangutan. As a conservation area for unique flora and fauna and their ecosystem,tanjung puting national park possesses various points of interest for tourist to see and now,is continued to be developed as a dynamic tourism spot and as the main ecotourism destination for borneo.

Tanjung Puting National Park area.
Boat / Klotok not only as a means to come trasfortasi Location Tanjung Puting, but Klotok will also be your Houseboat during the tour. To visit the Tanjung Puting National Park, there are 3 locations camp as the orangutan feeding.


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