Interior Design Ideas for House

While exploring interior design ideas through a biophilic lens, we found local designers who are taking inspiration from the abundance of resources found in our Midwestern landscape—in prairies, meadows, forests, woodland, dunes, and the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Wood and Stone

Fredman Design Group, a full service design firm (Chicago and Union Pier), takes pride in educating clients on the value of incorporating natural elements into the home: their use of reclaimed wood to create interior narratives, telling stories through design uniquely tied to sense of place; an old tree from the property, cut and trimmed to find its final resting place in a foyer; or a giant oak, dried and built into an enormous bench. By giving special attention to unique characteristics and varieties of wo

home where the last living signer of the Declaration of Independence once lived will be the venue for a project that aims to teach aspiring interior designers that whether they want trendy or traditional home furnishings, they will find plenty of choices right here in America.

The “All American House” exhibit, which opens Sunday at the Carroll Mansion on Lombard Street, features interior designs by area students who furnished three rooms and the mansion’s entrance hall entirely with American-made items.

“It’s awesome,” Chelsea Jamerson, a Stevenson University student, said as she stood in the family room she and her classmates created. “I’m so excited.”

Jamerson, a senior majoring in visual communications design, said she was particularly proud of the wallpaper she designed, made by Baltimore-based fabric manufacturer Rockland Industries. The pattern resembles white birds flying against a burnt-orange sky. “I just wanted a bold pattern,” Jame As a dynamic force in the prefabricated green building industry, Blu Homes has consistently been pushing the boundaries of prefab home design for many years. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the California-based prefab home manufacturer is unveiling a bunch of new house designs in a wider variety of sizes including some new tiny homes and a charming prefab farmhouse. Inhabitat visited their historic 250,000 square-foot factory in Vallejo, Northern California to get the scoop. Read on for the exclusive details.


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