Benefits of Ayatul Kursi

Benfits of Ayatul Kursi
1).Hadhrat Ali bin Kaab (Radiahallahu Anhu) remarks that Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) asked him,” Which is the most high ranking Aayat in the Qur’aan Kareem?” He said, ” Allaah and His Rasul know best”. Rasulallah repeated this statement very often. Hadhrat Ali (Radiahallahu Anhu) stated, “Ayatul Kursi”. Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:”Oh Abul Munzar (family name of Abi bin Kaab). May you be blessed by this knowledge. I swear by that Being in whose Hands and Control is my life, that this Ayat has one tongue and two lips. It is by the threshold of Allaah’s Arsh, Mentioning His purity”.

Recitation of Ayatul Kursi Results in the Focus of Allah (swt) upon His Servants

When Allah, the Noble and Grand, commanded the verse (mentioned at the end of this tradition) to descend down to the Earth, they (the verses) attached themselves to the Throne (of Allah) and said,
‘O Lord! Where are you sending us to? Are you sending us to a place of [the People of] transgressions and sins?’
Allah, the Noble and Grand, revealed to them (the verses),
‘Go down as I swear by My Greatness and My Majesty that not a single person from amongst the progeny of Muhammad and their followers shall recite you after that which I have made obligatory upon them (the five canonical prayers) every day except that I will glance at them with a special glance with My eyes seventy times every day and with every glance, I will fulfill seventy of their desires and I will accept (their supplications) even though they have sins (on their record) and these verses will make up the basis of The Book (Ummul Kitab – meaning Suratul Hamd) and the verse, ‘Allah bears witness that there is no other entity worthy of worship except for Him and so do the angels (bear witness to this) and so do those who possess knowledge’ [3:18] and Ayatul Kursi and the verse of dominion, ‘Say: To Allah belongs the Kingdom…’ [3:26].

tu ayat yang bisa menjadi amalan sebagai pegangan hidup dalam artian untuk terkabulnya doa dan hajat, keberkahan, keberlimpahan, amalan lancar dan murah rezeki-rejeki, perlindungan diri, perlindungan usaha dan bisnis. Di dalam Ayat Kursi terkandung Kebesaran Allah, Keagungan Allah, Kekuasaan Allah dan Ilmu-ilmu Allah yang meliputi langit dan bumi. Sudah banyak umat muslim yang mempunyai pengalaman mengamalkan Ayat Kursi. Dimana Fadhilah, Karomah, Hikmah, Manfaat dan Khasiat sudah dirasakan oleh umat muslim yang mengamalkan Riyadhoh Ayat secara Istiqomah dan Tuma’ninah.


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